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How to create a Facebook Page?

Facebook has given

people have the option to make a Facebook business account and create a Facebook page that will promote their business in different ways. This page will help you to increase the brand information about your business among the users and will attract more people to your brand. In this guide, you will know how to create an Fb business page with some very simple steps.

Steps to Register for a Facebook business page

Use the steps that we have given below to create a business page for yourself on Facebook. This will enhance your business among the users of Facebook.

If you wish to create a Facebook Business page, you need to have a personal account on Facebook. 

1. Open your Facebook account and then tap the ‘Create’ button given on the toolbar.


2. Then, you need to hit the Page option and select the page category from all the different ones given to you.


3. There, you need to enter your Business information to create a business Facebook account like your Business type and things that represent your business.


4. Then, you have to put a profile and cover pic for your business page that should represent your brand. 


5. Now, you have to invite your friends from the friend list to join your page and then add other business details of your brand. 

After this, you can add other various features to your page and then market it. this is the procedure of setting up a Fb business page very simply using your personal Facebook account.

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